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Nintendo Wii Sensor Bar

Looking for areetings from the nintendowiimotors! Our kimilar wired infrared ir ray sensor bar is perfect for your nintendo wii and wii uconso. This bar has been designed to provide you with the best motion detection results, whether you're watching a movie or playing a game. Whether you're in a small living room or aaking house, this bar is sure to help you get the perfect motion detection for your movie or game.

Wired Infrared Sensor Bar for Wii

Cheap Nintendo Wii Sensor Bar Price

This is a nintendo wii sensor bar with wire that is manufactured byizer520. This bar is insulated and insulates your controller with it. It uses ir infrared ray inductor sensor technology to control your controller with your house. This bar is a must-have for any controller cabinet.
this is a wired infrared sensor bar for the wii. It is designed to allow users to control their device with their existingwiis without needing a cable or game device. The sensor also includes a built in mic and speaker for voice and video chat.
the nintendo sensor bar is a wireless sensor that goes behind your wii to provide chip and memory room for your bar code and cardreader. It is perfect for when you need to order or check items without an wii system.