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This is a solar alarm light thatuffs your favorite you'll be the life of the party! This device is a led light that works with wireless technology to emit a beacons signal which will signal the end of the world. The device will then start to generate a sound when it's reached its destination. It also has a strobe light that will add a bit of a show-stopping touch to any event.

Solar Alarm LED Light Solar Strobe Light Wireless Motion Sen
Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor
Samsung SmartThings Water Leak Sensor

Samsung SmartThings Water Leak Sensor

By Samsung SmartThings

USD $27.99

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This is a motion sensor solar light that can be used to light up your street or garden during the day. The system is easy to use and consists of two parts: a remote control for the light and a battery for the light. The light can be set to function depending on the time of day, and it can be controlled with a smartphone or tablet.
this is a great product for outside security or for making a outdoor purchase. The light can be used as a sensor to detect motion and sound, and can be used as a 2013 or 2014 camera. The solar power makes it perfect for outdoor use, and the waterproof design means that it can be used in dirty environments. The security part of the product depends on the ability of the sensor tosense movement and sound. If it is able to do so, then the product would be security risk.
this is a motion sensitive infrared sensor system for use in your home or office to detect movement only and send this information to a central location for management. The system uses 180 led lights to provide a bright signal that can readily detect moveable objects. The detector can be used to detect spies or criminals who use strong hand-to-hand attacks.